Strategic Focus

The centrepiece of our corporate engagement strategy is the Focus List — an annual program of targeted, in-depth dialogues with companies on specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes/challenges. It is the most extensive program of its kind in Canada that targets approximately 50 companies each year. The companies selected for engagement — compiled on the Focus List — are chosen based on a systematic review of:

  1. ESG Risks

  2. Exposure to these risks within the funds

  3. Where we can be most effective to help effect change

Focus List companies can include sector leaders capable of corporate sustainability breakthroughs, sector laggards that need to catch up with the leaders, and companies facing major sustainability challenges that are under special observation for continuing inclusion in Ethical Funds. Specific objectives are established and reported throughout the year for each company.


To reduce risk to the long-term investment value of companies from environmental, social and governance challenges, while helping to build an economy that works for people and the environment.

Key Issues

Focus List

Find out more about the NEI ESG Team's engagement efforts on our Focus List Updates page.