The ESG Difference

You Can't Change a Company You Don't Have a Stake In

Corporate engagement is one of the key differentiators to the NEI approach to SRI. We don't just screen companies for sustainable practices; we actively engage many of the companies we own in dialogue to encourage them to make improvements in their environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. By engaging companies, we challenge them to improve their ESG performance and encourage management to develop their organization into a sustainability leader within their respective industry. Corporate engagement keeps companies accountable to all their stakeholders as well as the communities in which they operate in.

Our SRI tools help make for better long-term investments

  1. Dialogue: The centrepiece of our corporate engagement strategy is the Focus List - an annual program of targeted, in-depth dialogues with companies on specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes and topics. Learn more

  2. Shareholder resolution: If dialogue fails to produce results, we file a shareholder resolution to be voted on at the company's annual general meeting. Learn more

  3. Proxy voting: We devote a great deal of effort to ensuring that the proxies owned by our company are voted in accordance with our detailed Proxy Voting Guidelines. Learn more

  4. Research: Ongoing research into emerging trends, issues and risks informs our evaluation process and alerts us to factors that may present significant advantages or disadvantages for the companies we hold or are thinking of holding. Learn more

  5. Public Policy and Standards: Public policies and standards affect the rules by which all companies must operate. By engaging with the organizations and people who create policy and make the rules, we participate in promoting change on a broader scale. It's a "bigger picture" point of view that enables us to go beyond individual companies and encourage improved sustainability industry-wide. Learn more